Counseling  &  somatic therapies 
We serve clients in various locations across several states. Due to COVID precautions, we are taking only virtual appointments.  

Telehealth-Individual Counseling      $115/hr

Multi-pronged approach, One-on-one therapy guided by a licensed Therapist. Packages for $100 per session with weekly/biweekly sessions

Telehealth-Couple’s Counseling       $125/hr

Relationally-focused, Couples therapy guided by a licensed Therapist.

Somatic Counseling                           $115/hr

Body-centered counseling to treat underlying trauma, nervous system regulation issues, chronic grief, along with other persistent mental health issues that require a less cognitively-based, approach to healing.

24-hr Emergency Counseling                     $150/hr

Emergency counseling provided within 24-hrs for various situations requiring more immediate scheduling and attention.


Group-Counseling (TBA)


8-week group (meeting wkly) covering topics such as: stress-management, anger management, Somatic Awareness, Recovery, etc.


Accepted Payment Methods
Discounted Packages Available
  • Out-of-Network Benefits 
  • Health Savings Account
  • All Major Credit/Debit Cards
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